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Yoppen Team of Multilingual Marketing Specialists

Yoppen is an international digital marketing agency with a team of highly qualified multilingual marketing specialists.

Our team has all the essential skills required to take your product to new markets successfully. We are strategic in our approach and have years of experience in Global Marketing and International Marketing Management.

Yoppen has a team of the following Marketing Specialists: English Marketing Specialists, Spanish Marketing Specialists, Portuguese Marketing Specialists, Chinese Marketing Specialists, Russsian Marketing Specialists, Italian Marketing Specialists, French Marketing Specialists, Hindi Marketing Specialists, German Marketing Specialists, Afrikaans Marketing Specialists, Finnish Marketing Specialists, Swedish Marketing Specialists and others.

Our Team Is Highly Qualified

Our team of multilingual territory managers and account managers holds honours and masters degrees from internationally recognized universities across the world.

The qualifications held cover the following disciplines:

Strategic Management and Finance


Information Technology - Database Management

Digital Marketing Services for Start-Ups


Business Management

Sales and Visual Marketing

Multilingual Search Engine Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services


Graphic Design

Media Management

Web development and Web design


Meet Our Yoppen Team

Ny Stephanie


MSc in Media Management
BHons in Digital and Multimedia Communication

Yoppen Online Marketing Team - Russian Territory


Territory Manager - Russia
Yoppen Online Marketing Team - USA Territory


Territory Manager - USA
Yoppen Online Marketing Team - Finish Territory


Territory Manager - Nordic
Yoppen Online Marketing Team - Chinese Territory


Territory Manager - Chinese
Yoppen Online Marketing Team - Portuguese Territory


Territory Manager - Portuguese


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Our Team Is Google Certified

Besides our more than 200 professional translators, we have a territory manager for each major language region, with university degrees in marketing (traditional and digital), strategic management, business, finance, project management, product management, web development, graphic design etcetera.

Our international team of territory managers are able to work with the latest digital marketing tools, are fluent in 2 or more languages and have lived and travelled for a good number of years abroad. Our territory managers are Google certified specialists in many areas: PPC/CPC adverts (Text Adverts, Banner Adverts, Display Adverts, Video Adverts), Programmatic Buying, SME, SEO.

Native Language Speakers

All territory managers are native language speakers of the primary language(s) in their respective territories, and well travelled nomads. They have up to 20 years of work experience in international companies, and have successfully launched products and services in their language speaking countries. All territory managers have marketing research and strategy experience as well as successful implementation of this.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Finnish
  • Russian
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • Chinese

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