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Web Translations vs Multilingual SEO – What are they?

Multilingual SEO is much more than just website translation

Multilingual SEO – what is it, and why is it so important? There are few things more exciting for a growing company than expanding your services into a new territory – but when that territory does business in a language different from your own, it can also be a minefield of misunderstanding!

If your existing website has already been SEO optimized, it’s tempting just to have all the text translated, and leave it at that. But language is complex and nuanced, meaning that direct translations can end up meaning something completely different from what you intended. Just take a look at these very amusing examples!

Without the help of a native multilingual SEO translator, you can end up embarrassing yourself rather than winning new customers. Worse, you may actively offend the population you’re trying to win over.

Multilingual SEO vs Website Translation:

In addition, the keywords and search phrases that users who speak a different language use to find the information they’re looking for can be completely different in a new country. They might also not even be using the same search engines as your original customers – Asian customers, for example, might be using Yandex and Baidu rather than Google.  

It follows that your SEO strategy, including on-site SEO like alt tags and meta descriptions, as well as your off-site SEO tactics like keywords and search phrases, need to be personalized to cater for the language and culture of the country you’re entering too.  

A bad translation can have a big scale impact

The importance of a translation

Did you know that the mistranslation of one word led to the dropping of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima? USA misunderstood the word “mokusatsu” included in a letter sent to them by the Japanese Prime Minister, not realizing the letter was far from a threat and that the word “mokusatsu” could very well be translated as “no comments”. This mistranslation led to USA dropping the bomb in Hiroshima and the death of over 80000 people.

Let’s learn from this mistake and take our translations to an expert.


Hire Yoppen for your multilingual SEO:

Taking language and cultural sensitivities into account, Yoppen can provide you with multilingual SEO content that is ready to impress – whether your customers are using Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo, Ask.com, AOL.com, or other sources to find the products and services they’re interested in buying.

Apart from all the standard search engine optimization strategies which we employ, such as keyword research, competitor research, SEO strategy, implementation and analytics, Yoppen can help you create multilingual search engine optimized content that is far more than just a translation!

Ready to get a professional translation

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