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Endless Business Opportunities in Africa

With over 1.2 billion consumers living on the continent, there has never been a better time for entrepreneurs, investors and innovators to take advantage of this largely untapped market.
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PPC Advertising – the fastest way to reach your customers

As the name suggests, pay per click advertising is a kind of marketing where you’re only charged if a user actually clicks through to your website. This is different to CPM advertising, where you are charged for the number of people who see your advert but might never actually visit your website.
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Web Translations vs Multilingual SEO – What are they?

Without the help of a native multilingual SEO translator, you can end up embarrassing yourself rather than winning new customers. Worse, you may actively offend the population you’re trying to win over.
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Why Companies Need Multilingual Social Media Management

No matter what industry your company serves, having a social media presence is more important than ever. Good social media management involves a lot more than just posting to social platforms, but also planning, monitoring and measuring the performance of your campaigns to get the best results with your followers and potential customers.
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Why companies should outsource Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management – what is it, and why do you need it? In today’s connected world, the first port of call for your potential customers is what the web has to say about you.
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Yoppen Digital Transformation

The Importance of Digital Transformation for your Business

In a rapidly changing world, the readiness of businesses to embrace and take advantage of new technologies is set to become the single biggest factor in whether they succeed or not.
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The Benefits of Having a Multilingual Website

Having a multilingual website provides businesses an opportunity to expand worldwide. Web pages available in multiple languages ensure that the business is seen by and made available to a larger and more diverse audience
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